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Practical Advice on Handling Legal Issues Confronting the Art World Today

Length: 2 hours 34 minutes

The art world and the art market are arguably in an unprecedented state of crisis.  At a time when a number of multi-million dollar forgery schemes have been exposed, scholars and foundations are increasingly unwilling to assist in evaluating the authenticity of artworks.  With prices in art markets reaching high points, lawsuits accusing dealers of breaching their fiduciary duties to buyers and sellers are also on the rise.  Disputes among studio assistants and among artists are also on the rise as technology and culture create competing claims to images and the art itself.  Art owners, buyers and sellers – from museums to collectors and even nations – fight increasingly in civil and criminal court about who owns works of art and cultural property.  At this program, the Art Committee will convene a panel of knowledgeable attorneys and art world experts to discuss how the law as it now exists can be used to address the complex and fascinating issues confronting the art world at the intersection of law and culture.

Program Chair: JOHN CAHILL, Lynn/Cahill LLP

Faculty: SHERRI NORTH COHEN, Director – Underwriting, ARIS Title Insurance Corporation; MARI-CLAUDIA JIMENEZ, Herrick, Feinstein LLP; VIRGINIA RUTLEDGE, PIPE Arts Group

CLE credit: 3.0 professional practice.


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New York City Bar Association

Course Materials

  • Practical Advice on Handling Legal Issues Confronting the Art World Today
  • What Ails the Art Market PPT
  • Cahill PPT
  • Jimenez PPT
  • Affirmation Document